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Press Releases

Interest penalties slashed from 18% to 9% for Homeowners - February 8, 2024
The Village of Maywood launched a partnership with the National League of Cities (NLC) in January 2023 on an initiative of Cities Addressing Fees & Fines Equitably (CAFFE). Historic reforms championed by Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas are about to take effect as property owners face a March 1 due date for 2023 First
Installment tax bills. 

The Village of Maywood is an EV Ready Community- December 7, 2023  
Village of Maywood celebrates being in the 1st Cohort of 12 communities of the EV Readiness Program in the State of Illinois with Metropolitan Mayors Caucus and ComEd.

Good Jobs Great Cities Workforce Initiative- May 23, 2023
Village of Maywood Partners with National League Cities and Department of Labor to Create New Jobs.

NLC Entrepreneurship Program- March 6, 2023
The Village of Maywood announces it has joined the City Inclusive Entrepreneurial program with National League of Cities.

National League of Cities Fees and Fines (CAFFE)- January 31, 2023
Village of Maywood joins a new peer-learning cohort led by NLC to reduce the inequitable and harmful impacts of fines and fees on residents financial health.

Maywood Church Fires-  December 30, 2022
Two churches in the Village of Maywood have been impacted by fire within days of each other. 

IML Appointment- December 12, 2022
Illinois Municipal League appoints Mayor Booker to Revenue & Taxation + Public Works & Transportation Policy Committees. Mayor Booker serves both committees as a representative for the West Cook County Region.

Press Release $60M Investment in Maywood Supportive Living-September 21, 2022

The Village of Eternal Light reopens the senior supportive living facility after being closed since 2005, paving the way for more investment and community development.

Press Release VOM Administrative Matters- July 21, 2022
Village of Maywood announces administrative changes.

Village of Maywood Adopts New Public Engagement Platform -May 3,2022
Village of Maywood Adopts New Public Engagement Platform - Diversifying Engagement Through Technology
Published :5/3/2022

LRS Service Portal Launches - May 02, 2022
LRS Service Portal Launches -Residents can direct connect to new service provider
Published :5/2/2022

Village of Maywood Community Development Director Appointment-October 5, 2021 
The Village of Maywood announces appointment of new Community Development Director. 

Press Release Maywood Crisis Management and Public Safety Initiative- October 19, 2021
Village of Maywood Announces the creation of the Crisis Management and Public Safety Initiative

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