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Animal Control

The Village of Maywood’s Animal Control Division handles stray animals, nuisance wildlife trapping and animal permits for the Village.

To Report Stray Animals
To report stray animals and nuisance animal concerns, please contact the Building and Code Department at 708-450-4405. The 24-hour voice mail can address non-emergency concerns. All urgent public safety concerns should be reported to 911 for immediate attention. 

You can also register your concerns on the Resource Center, supported by WEB Q/A. Clicking on the graphic below will take you to a webpage where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and provide the ability to make a service request.

Nuisance Wildlife Trapping
The Village of Maywood currently maintains a permit from the Illinois Department of Conservation to trap, impound and relocate nuisance wildlife. Nuisance wildlife is defined as non-domesticated animals, protected or controlled by regulations of the Department of Conservation, which creates a nuisance by damaging or inhabiting private property. Wildlife traveling across property is not considered to be a nuisance.

Under the Nuisance Wildlife trapping program, residents provide a $50 refundable deposit for the animal trap. Instructions on setting and baiting will be given to the resident. Once an animal is captured, Village staff will service the trap at the site. No wildlife can be transported without proper permits. No wildlife will be serviced in Village offices or from privately owned traps. The $50 deposit will be refunded when the trap is returned in a usable condition. If the trap is damaged, the deposit will be forfeited and the balance of cost may be invoiced to the property owner. The trapping servicing program is not available on weekends.

Animal Permits
All cats and dogs over the age of 4 months are required to maintain current animal permits (tags) issued by the Village of Maywood annually by December 31. The tags must be on the animals’ body at all times. In order to complete the application for this permit, the animal must also maintain a current Cook County rabies vaccination certificate and number. The rabies vaccination number is required to complete an animal permit application. Any animals impounded, without this tag will be considered a stray and no notification can be made to the owner of its impoundment. Any animals impounded with a current Maywood permit, shall have its owner notified of impoundment. Fines can be given to pet owners for unlicensed, straying and non-vaccinated animals.

Animal Bites
An animal bite is defined as a bite or scratch which penetrates the outer skin surface. An animal bite must be examined by a doctor and classified as an animal bite and then reported to the Maywood Police Department for the proper report and investigation to occur. All bites must be reported to the Police Department where the incident occurred by a hospital or doctor.  In cases where the animal has a current rabies vaccination certificate, impoundment for observation can be at the owner’s home if proper confinement can be achieved. If the animal does not have current rabies vaccination or confinement is not possible, then the animal shall be impounded at the Village animal care service provider facilities. All costs for impoundment and examination shall be paid by the owner/property owner where the animal lived.

After-Hour Services
Animal Control services are available for public safety concerns by contacting the Maywood Police Department’s non-emergency phone number at 708-450-4472 weekdays from 5:00pm to 8:30am and on weekends. Village after-hour services are offered in cases where the nuisance animal is: chasing the public, not allowing a resident to use their property, and prohibiting free use of the public right of way. This service is not for the purpose of stray animals.

If you should have any questions regarding additional services, please feel free to contact the Animal Warden within the Building and Code Department at 708-450-4405.

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